Marilyn Pereira Golding

Good work, Nissim, brings back so many fond memories. I’m Lynette Pereira’s sister, George just told me you live in Vegas, wish we knew we were there last month with Lynette who was visiting from London. You may remember me, Lynette and I were always together, I now live in La Habra, CA.

Hello, Marilyn…Indeed can’t forget that Lynette and you were part of the group that was always with the band and came by so often together. Very pleased that the site is bringing back smiles and memories and look forward to getting in touch again – we are certainly only a 4 hour or so drive down Route 15 between Vegas and the LA area. Stay in touch.

Joseph Clement Pereira

This is an amazing gallery. What is the full story of the band. I have a site titled India Sixties And Beyond Music and I would like to feature Combustibles with your permission of course.

Let me know.



Great to hear about your reaction to the site and its contents. So much of the material in the Gallery has been treasured and carefully saved for over four decades! The bulk of the story of the band is contained in the different links on the site – take a look at leisure. Will contact you separately regarding your request to feature The Combustibles on your own site. Thanks again.

Hi, Ellis: Fantastic to hear from you. When I returned to India in mid-1967 (at the age of 17) after four years in Washington DC with my family, the first Bombay band I ever heard and then fell in love with was The Mystiks! My good friend Aubrey Sequeira took me to Venice to hear you guys – and I was hooked! Very well remember you and Derek and your band-mates rocking the joint! And a while later Chris Valles left the Combustibles, joined you and I joined The Combustibles! Amazing memories and great to be back in touch! Lets talk soon – Nissim

Hi Guys! This site is so cool to see (and hear)! Since we’re on this nostalgia trip, my memory of The Combustibles was that you guys performed at the St Mary’s ISC/ Clare Road Convent (St Agnes, ISC?) annual ‘Ball’, Year of ’71. I guess the gig must have been bread and butter stuff for you guys but it was a very special day for us awkward teenagers desperately hoping the sexual liberation of the 60’s would somehow waft our way, with your rockin’ & rollin’ as backdrop. The music was great but alas, we all went home to mum later, still frustrated virgins.

If I’m not mistaken, both Lionel and George are alumni of St Mary’s too.

In the serendipitous way in which life works, I was later to meet and befriend Lionel in London. In fact, Lionel celebrated Christmas, 2013 with us!

I’m guessing that Nissim is Nissim Ezekiel, the poet. Nissim, I have an anthology of Indian poetry (containing some of your work) on my bookshelves and now that I’m in the evening of my life I shall read it.

All the best, guys.

Hello, Desmond – so good to see your comments and its amazing you remember us so specifically from that particular concert at St Mary’s! Makes us all feel great that the memories of our music and our performance are still so vivid in your mind! Am very glad that you have been able to keep up personally with some of us, i.e. Lionel. Everett is also in London. In terms of “Nissim Ezekiel” he is actually my uncle – someone I am very proud of and my Dad’s elder brother! So the Nissim who was a Combustibles is not Nissim who was the famous poet!! But I am very happy you enjoyed both The Combustibles and the poetry of my uncle. Thanks again – Nissim

Came across your website while looking for nostalgia from my old home town of Bandra. Bobby and I played together mostly in Goa many years after the band ceased to exist over there. I was much younger and so missed the glory days of the combustibles.

Thank you for the music

Hi, Stephen:

Given what you have mentioned about your old home town of Bandra – please see our new News blog on “Celebrate Bandra!” I hope you enjoy its contents and our article on memories of good old times!

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